About Us

Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF), established in 1916, is an autonomous body which functions through an 11 members’ Governing Body. It strives for maximizing the professional competence of allied health professionals by ensuring their quality education that is in line with the contemporary needs and latest scientific advancements.

The primary functions of PMF are designing curricula for diploma level education and conduction of examinations for such courses. It also affiliates institutions in government and private sectors which deal with education of allied health sciences and regulates their performance.


Dr. Ahmad Nadeem
MBBS, Diploma in Health Management
Contact: 042-99231352


Dr. Faeza Hasnain

Certification Officer

Mr. Nasir Maqbool

Members of Governing Body

Secretary Health/President
Additional Secretary (Health)/Vice President
Dean, Institute of Public Health, Lahore
Principal, College of Ophthalmology & Allied Health Sciences, KEMU, Lahore
Director Health Services (HR) O/o DGHS, Punjab
Head, Department of Allied Health Sciences, UHS, Lahore
Prof. of Pharmacology, Post-Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Lahore
Chief Microbiologist, Microbiology Department, Mayo Hospital, Lahore/ KEMU
Principal, Allied Health Sciences School, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
Private Practitioner
Secretary, Punjab Medical Faculty, Lahore